Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 8: King of Hearts

Boy oh boy, this post has been a long time coming!
My parents were visiting before they set out on an adventure of a lifetime to Japan, and had the honors (haha) of picking a card before they left.  Can't you see the enthusiasm in their faces!?

My Week 8 card told me to visit Chicago's Adler Planetarium - a place on my 'to-see' list (obviously, a goal card was created especially for it!) - and I was so excited I purchased a ticket almost immediately after it was selected!

Then my purchased ticket sat through the school and work week.  The weekend came but I had midterms to study for, so it sat some more.  I figured I wouldn't really be able to enjoy the Planetarium if I knew I should be studying. My weekly goal was not achieved.

I put off my Planetarium trip the next weekend because there were St. Paddy's Day/Weekend shenanigans to enjoy.  The next weekend was a no-go because I wasn't feeling well (totally unrelated to St. Patty's Day fun, I promise!).  I put it off the weekend after that because March Madness sucked me in.  And then finally, on March 29th - a whole month after the card was pulled, I visited Adler.

The Planetarium was great!  It was a cold, windy, rainy day so perfect to spend indoors.  Also, this museum is a great place to check out if you're going alone, which I was.  So many of the exhibits are actually shows in the domes - not an ideal place to chat with a friend!  I loved the shows I saw and the great exhibit of Chesley Bonestell's amazing work.  I don't think the Planetarium is a place I'll be spending a lot of my future weekends, but I could definitely see it as a once-a-year fun, and educational, outing!

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