Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 12: Seven of Diamonds

One of my very favorite things to eat are gwumpkies.  And how lucky am I, after being cursed with gluten intolerance, that they're gluten free!  This was one of those special recipes my mom would prepare around the holidays that really made me feel all cozy inside. Yum.

I'd always been a little hesitant to make them on my own - they seemed time consuming and complicated, so I made it a goal and then when the card was pulled, persevered and made them!  Inviting good friends over to share them kept me on track.
These gwumpkies would not have been possible without about a thousand phone calls to my mom.  ("The recipe calls for a can of tomato soup.  That isn't gluten free.  Do you think a box of creamy tomato soup wou
ld work?"  and  "Jenna and Hagai are Jewish so I can't use pork and beef.  What other meat could I use?" and "Here's a picture of two dishes I could bake them in, which do you think would be better?")  Thanks, mom.  They came out great.

I made them with delish mashed potatoes, some green beans, and the traditional creamy cucumbers.  It was another cold, windy, and rainy day when I made them and they were just the comfort food I was craving!  I'm glad I was able to share them with my friends - and even though Jenna is both Jewish AND vegetarian, she graciously ate around meaty insides.  (I felt like an idiot.)

I'd invited a neighbor over as well, forgetting she wasn't getting home from her business trip until the following day.  She told me she was bummed cause stuffed cabbage rolls were one of her faves, too... so I saved her some and the left-overs got a thumbs-up! 

They weren't as difficult to make (after the zillion phone calls) as I thought, and now that I've got the hang of them, I think they're something I will love to make again!

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