Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 16: Jack of Hearts

I have too much stuff.  Everywhere I look, there's stuff.  It's cluttering my cute porch, it's overpowering my closets, and it's taking over my cabinets.  How much of this do I really need anyway!?  I read an article recently about high-achieving people who wear the same thing every day... whether it was the late Steve Jobs and his black turtleneck, or Zuckerberg and his gray t-shirt, or Obama and his blue or black suits... they decided to cut the decision of what to wear out of their life so they could focus all their energy on really important things.  (http://www.businessinsider.com/barack-obama-mark-zuckerberg-wear-the-same-outfit-2015-4) I don't have such important decisions to make, but I like the thought behind their approach.  My closets are filled with shoes I wear maybe once or twice a year, clothes that no longer fit, tops I pass over every morning when I reach for my favorites... why am I holding on to all of this... stuff!?

I shared with my sister  over our weekly Starbucks that my bathroom cabinet is filled with products I moved from KC - and haven't looked at in the half a year I've been here (except when I open it to reach for the ever-important toilet paper).  The lotions, sprays, and washes went unused and untouched while they took up space in KC, too!  Why did I move them!?

Some of my stuff I really like... my art collection, Polish pottery, photos of loved ones, books... those take up plenty of room already... this card was a welcomed reason to purge some of those items that I don't use, will never use, and simply take up too much space that I'd rather have empty than filled.  This week's time constraints meant that I only filled and rolled (in my granny cart, on a bus!) one bag to the Salvation Army... but I feel like I'm kind of on a roll now and can't wait to donate more items to people who may actually find a use for them!

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