Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 5: Eight of Clubs

You know, as I left my house on Monday morning, I couldn't help but smile.  Chicago had just been gifted over 19 inches of snow and the streets were a winter wonderland.  Cars were buried under mounds of the white stuff and a few poor car-owners were hacking away with shovels and sand trying to dig out.  Not this girl though!  Nope, I am carless and was feeling carefree in my new-for-Chicago warm (and stylish) Sorel boots thinking how lucky I was to be a pedestrian with quality public transportation at my fingertips!  I could hear the L rumbling down the tracks a few streets away and it just made me... happy... that I could go almost anywhere I'd like to in spite of the record snowfall!

Now, the euphoria didn't last long.  I think the CTA had a record number of riders because the folks who usually biked or drove to work couldn't.  In fact, the train was so crowded I had to wait for three to pass by before I was finally able to find a spot to squeeze in to.  The studying I'd hoped to do on my long commute definitely wasn't happening.  I was safe though, and able to get to work, so I wasn't complaining too much.

On to the business of this week's goal card.  Our blizzard actually began on Sunday - which is my day for church and Starbucks with the fam (in that order).  It's become a little tradition for us to pull the card together and this week, Wyatt shuffled and selected.  You probably won't believe it, but it's true I swear, I was hoping this card would be pulled this week!  (And so I'm glad Wyatt picked otherwise deck-stacking may be suspected!)  As I trudged the half mile to Mass in the cold and swirling snow, I was thinking about the bus drivers and L operators... the postal workers and trash collectors... everyone who continues to make my life easy and 'normal' no matter what the weather may bring.  I thought this would be the perfect week to thank them for their services - and my wish came true!

On Wednesday I delivered some Dunkin Donuts gift cards to the people who get me to and from work (yay for the new job!) and school safely every week.  I also left one for my mailwoman.  I see her pulling her three-wheeled cart all over creation to deliver our mail and it looks like hard, cold work.  The amount wasn't much, but I hope it was enough to let them know I appreciate what they do!

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