Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week Two: Jack of Spades


I've always had a dream of having a well-stocked liquor cabinet.  It's really been more of an idea (unlike my actual dream of having a closet with 50 pairs of TOMS... 3/50... almost there).  I envision having people over and mixing up fun and interesting drinks.  This probably started about 2 years ago when my beloved beer began giving me an allergic reaction... Good-bye beer journal and all of the yummy microbrews with artsy labels I tasted around the country with fun friends - writing about funny times with each entry.  Moving to Chicago has only deepened this desire - every restaurant has cool drinks that are too expensive to try!  And so, the Jack of Spades did me a solid this week - "New Cocktail Every Day".

I actually groaned a little when I pulled the card.  This was my first week back to school and I wasn't looking to go on any benders.  I don't drink every day, either.  Not even a glass of wine! So I asked myself - why did you write EVERY DAY!?  Couldn't you have just said one or two?  But I didn't.  And in week two I'm all about keeping these goals... so here goes...


My sweet Western Slope Mama gave me this recipe.
Mountain Dew, Spiced Rum, Orange Juice
She didn't provide any measurements so I winged it.  I don't have any cute cocktail glasses so I used one of my favorite every day glasses and added a spunky straw.  This was totally yummy.

"Esky's Hot Spot"

Chicago's been cold this week so I googled "winter cocktails". Esquire magazine had quite the list and I added a few of theirs to mine to try. 
2oz Irish Whiskey
1 sugar cube
lemon peel
4oz hot water

Um, no thank you Esquire.  The drink was only good cause it was warm.  Otherwise I took about two sips and dumped the rest.  No fear, dear friends, I won't be making this for you.

"Brown Derby"
Wednesday found me applying for jobs and getting things organized for the semester.  This included four hours of printing out labs and homework assignments for Chemistry and putting additional homework assignments in my planner.  Then reading and re-reading the first chapter in my Anatomy book... then making beautiful notes. Then making a lab notebook.  I topped off my night with a Brown Derby in one of my favorite art-fair finds.

2oz dark rum
1oz lime juice
1tsp maple syrup
Better than good.

"John Collins"
I have a pretty great BIL. He was really excited about this week's goal and when I shared it with him said, "Do you need any bourbon? We've got bourbon.  Why don't you come over and we'll make YOU a cocktail?  Better yet, have dinner with us, too!"  How could I pass that up!?  The picture says it all... showmanship, pride, elegance.  Wyatt and I enjoyed the drinks on the left... breastfeeding Bug had the Shirley Temple on the right.  All drinks were paired with the most incredible quinoa mushroom 'burgers' and zucchini.  I am a lucky girl.
1 1/2 ounces bourbon whiskey1 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce sugar syrupClub soda
Maraschino cherry for garnishOrange slice for garnish

"Moscow Hot Chocolate"

Another day, another classy/classless cocktail glass.  I actually love this mug (An octopus is my Spirit Animal).  And I loved the drink I put in it!  As a fan of the Moscow Mule (I was actually gifted a copper mug this Christmas!), when I stumbled upon "Moscow Hot Chocolate" I knew I had to try it! 
1oz vanilla flavored vodka (I didn't splurge, so I just added a little vanilla extract)
3/4oz amaretto liquor
4oz hot milk (I use vanilla unsweetened almond milk)
1TBSP instant hot chocolate mix
This tasty bev warmed me right up for my chilly evening walk with Isis around the neighborhood.

"Scotch and Lime"
I pulled out my antique-store find for this limey drink.  The whiskey on Tuesday didn't go over very well, so I decided to give it another try... I do, after all, now have a big bottle of Jameson.  Luckily, I liked this simple cocktail much better.  It called for blended (what's that?) Scotch whisky - which I didn't have and although my dream of the stocked liquor cabinet is still strong, I wasn't going to make a special purchase.  So I used the Irish stuff and I think it came out well.  No fancy garnishes, but it was totally yum as is.
3oz blended Scotch whisky
1/2oz lime juice

"Bee's Knees"
One of my chic friends sent me this recipe to try.  Angela and Andy are oldies AND goodies and are foodies like me!  They're always throwing fun theme parties and trying interesting recipes so I thought this one would probably be a delight.  Today I went out for Thai food with the first new friend I made in Chicago (the first weekend I got here!) and came home to sip on this while finishing up this post.  I put it in another favorite art-fair find.  Refreshing!
2oz gin
3/4oz fresh lemon juice
3/4oz honey simple syrup

And there you have it.  New Cocktail Every Day is complete! 
What are some of your favorites?


  1. Aww...our cocktail made the honorable mentions! Hope you enjoyed it!!