Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week One: Seven of Spades

One of my very favorite things is giving presents to people I love and... who am I kidding... I love receiving them, too.  So, this past Sunday felt a little bit like Christmas morning.  I woke up excited about what adventure my Deck of Goals had in store for me and couldn't wait to shuffle and select.  But first things first.  Sunday is one of the best days of my week because it means an hour at Mass holding my favorite boy Godchild, my nephew Oscar.  He had fun clawing at my necklace, trying to rip the glasses from my face, dancing to the music and overall being very squirmy - just what a 7 1/2 month old should be!  Then he peed through his clothes and it was his Daddy's turn to hold him.  :)  After a quick diaper change and a less-than-quick Target run, my sister, bro-in-law, and Oscar came to my house to give their opinion on a new rug I bought.  (They approved.)  While hanging out together I decided it would be the perfect time to pick a card and who better to pick it than Oscar!  I spread the cards out on the coffee table and he swirled them around in his hands until finally he found one he liked and proceeded to pop it in his mouth!  That kid will chew anything!

What did he select?  Well, his mom - my beautiful sister Chloe - exclaimed right away, "Good job, Oscar!"  So I turned it over to see: "Invite Chloe for massages".

Two things popped into my mind when Oscar revealed his card.  1) Yay! Fun sister time! 2) OMG, people reading the blog are going to be thinking "What!?  Her goals are to get massages!?  What a crock!"

My mom told me, "Who cares what people think?", but I still feel like I should explain.

No, not all of my goals involve pampering myself.  In fact, very few are.  That being said, anyone who knows me knows I'm not really a girly girl.  I don't like shopping for clothes, I get my hair cut maybe once or twice a year, and my nails rarely see polish as they're almost always in a half-chewed state.  About the only thing pampering-wise I do for myself regularly is get my eyebrows waxed.  And that hurts.  So I threw a few do-something-nice-for-yourself things in the mix.  And on this particular card I thought my sister, the new mom, the hard-working attorney, deserved to have something nice for herself as well.

The appointment is booked.  Thursday at 7p.m.
Chloe will head there straight from her long day at work and I will head there from my day searching for work.
And we will begin this new year relaxed.  And together.  It's a beautiful thing.


  1. You absolutely deserve a great massage to start the year out right! What a great card to get for your first week!

  2. I think a massage is a great way to start this off! Enjoy!

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  4. This is great - looking forward to following your adventure over the next 51 weeks!